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BSFF offers the complete range of brokerage services for securities listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange and traded over the counter. With the right resources and transaction infrastructure, BSFF's brokerage operations are equipped to ensure the fastest execution of trading orders. Under strict policies and procedures governing the transparency, neutrality, and liquidity of transactions, BSFF's full range of easily accessible brokerage services provide the tools necessary for retail and institutional investors to make expedited and informed decisions.

BSFF’s standard Brokerage Services

  • Securities trading on the stock exchange.
  • Execution of daily and open trading orders.
  • Execution of block trades.
  • Arranging Over-the-Counter (OTC) trades.
  • Latest updates on the market, based on broad research.

BSFF’s value-added Brokerage Services

  • Web Inquiry: Through BSFF's online inquiry system, investors can view all their investment related reports anywhere, anytime including detailed statements of account, portfolio evaluation reports, movements on a particular share, invoices, and other reports.
  • Notifications: Through BSFF’s notifications system, trade notifications can be sent via SMS to each of BSFF’s investors inside Syria, allowing them to stay in direct touch with their executed orders. Statements and invoices can also be scheduled to be sent through fax or email upon request. 
  • Bank Gateway: As a subsidiary of Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi, existing and new clients of the bank can easily transfer funds from their checking and savings accounts into their investment / trading accounts and vice versa in an easy, convenient and expedited way.
  • Institutional Desk: Through a dedicated institutional desk, BSFF can offer tailored services to institutional clients suiting their needs & preferences, including providing direct and immediate access to senior brokers, up to the minute updates & market insight, daily account statements, transaction records & confirmations, etc.
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