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Through continuous market coverage and analysis, BSFF’s research team is dedicated to providing timely and insightful market knowledge to its broad client base of institutional and retail clients.

BSFF currently publishes the following

  • Daily Report: Summarizing trading activity at the end of each session.
  • Monthly DSE Market Summary: Summarizing the month’s trading activity, the report includes a wide range of data, statistics, charts, tables, and financials for all stocks listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange.
  • Technical Insight Report: providing market forcast for an upcoming period using technical analysis.
  • Banking Sector Report: containing aggregate industry figures (with quarterly updates), comparative analysis between different banks, as well as individual financial statement analysis
    for all privately owned Syrian banks.


Our team also supplies clients with tailored research solutions including

  • Macro-Economic Research: Covering recent economic trends, including ongoing fiscal, monetary, and legal reform. 
  • Sector Studies: Covering the country’s main contributors to GDP, including current and prospective performance.
  • Capital Market/Equity Research Reports and Advice on listed companies: Such reports comprise background information on listed company’s historical performance and its growth potential. The reports also provide fundamental and technical analysis on the company’s strengths, weaknesses, future prospects, and offer recommendations to investors.

BSFF is the exclusive research partner for Oxford Business Group’s capital markets section of the annual publication “The Report: Syria” providing insightful market viewpoints and share analysis.



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