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Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi (74.666%)

BBSF commenced operations on January 4, 2004 as the first private bank in Syria in over 40 years. BBSF’s major shareholders are the initiating joint venture partners, Banque Saudi Fransi with 27% and Banque BEMO Lebanon with 22%. Another 51.1% of BBSF’s shares are held by diverse Syrian investors at varying percentages. The Obegi family are key shareholders, as they not only hold directly 6.36% of BBSF’s capital as Syrian nationals, but are as well the major shareholders of Banque BEMO Lebanon.

BBSF is a universal bank active in commercial, corporate and retail banking. With a capital of SYP 3.25 Billion, BBSF had assets in excess of SYP 104 Billion as of June 30th 2010.  BBSF continues to enjoy the largest branch network among private banks and is a market leader in terms of loans and deposits.

BBSF was the first company to be listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange in 2009, and has a market cap of over of SYP 13,8 Billion as of September 30th 2010.

Alfadel Group (25%)

Founded by its current Chairman Mr. Adib Alfadel, a prominent Syrian businessman with over 40 years of business experience nationally and internationally, is a leading business group in Syria dating back to the mid-60's with interests in various sectors and businesses.

Today through a number of subsidiaries the group is active in Tendering & Contracting, Water Treatment & Distribution, Environmental Consulting & Waste Management, Satellite Services, and Wealth Management, in addition to their strategic investments in Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi, Bemo Saudi Fransi Finance, Solidarity Alliance Insurance Company, Cham Holding and Souria Holding.

Dr. Abdulrahman Attar (0.167%)
Dr. Attar is the president of Attar Group, a large Syrian Business Group active in Commerce, Agriculture, Industry, Tourism, Contracting, Medical Care, and other industries inside and outside Syria. Dr. Attar is the Chairman of United Insurance Company, Syria's first private insurance company. He is also Board Member of the International Chamber of Commerce (globally), and has acted as the President of the International Chamber of Commerce in Syria and President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent since 1988 and has been honored with several Honorary Orders & Decorations.

Dr. Riad Obegi (0.167%)
Reputable banker and businessman, Mr. Obegi is a major shareholder and Chairman of Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi. He is also the Vice Chairman of Bemo Europe – Banque Privée (Paris – Luxembourg) and Board Member in BEMO Lebanon. Mr. Obegi's experience in the financial services industry dates back to the early 1980's. Mr. Obegi is also involved with other businesses related to the Obegi Family including chemical raw materials, retail, and consumer goods.


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